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A D18 Basketball Family

Bill Price and Megan Reid have decades of expertise when working with kids in their community. They are two teachers from OSSTF D18 who strive for excellence in their family, teaching and basketball coaching. They are committed to each other in marriage and improving their community with their dedication to the sport and desire to bring opportunity to their students and players.

This is no small task, however. After a long day, Bill and Megan hold nightly meetings in their home to figure out where each of them needs to be and how they are going to make that happen. There have been some sacrifices along the way. Socializing has turned into “meeting after the game”.

Megan believes that being a mom doesn’t need to take a back seat, it just requires multitasking. There is a need to be creative sometimes because they are so busy as they continue to strive to meet their goals.

Their son J.J. often sits on the basketball sidelines (playing at parks and spending time with injured players) while his parents are coaching. Older siblings Emma and Riley did the same. Former players babysit when they need someone. All of the children have travelled and had positive socialization because of basketball.

J.J. has become as much a part of the basketball community as his parents. Bill says J.J. and team members are learning to be better parents, the importance of physical education, empathy for others’ situations, and that being a parent or son is longer than a basketball career.

They also acknowledge that they are able to perform their coaching at such high levels because of the support of their spouse. Megan said, “Schedules can be busy and you need to be with someone who can be understanding and flexible at times.”

Both coaches say that they coach because “Some kids show up to school for basketball. It is a hook to completing their education and pursuing additional opportunities”. Bill points out that “basketball can be character building and lead to benefits later on in life such as higher education, scholarships, exposure to diverse groups of people, and relationship building”.

Megan believes that basketball inspires a ‘yeah’ moment when they have worked so hard on a skill. When it clicks for them on the court it’s the same as in the classroom: “It’s what basketball is about for us now. It’s what feeds our souls. If along the way there have been some championships won, team building, leadership opportunities, great family times and character building, then it is all worth it in the end. Basketball can allow people to find the best in themselves and even just a little part in helping them to reach their goals is what we are about”.

Thank you for making the community stronger with your dedication to your roles.

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