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How to Enroll in OTIP Benefits

Making Changes to Who is Covered by Benefits

If 31-Day Life Event Window is Missed

Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation

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The Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation has contracted OTIP to provide a wide range of benefits that you can access. 


The OTIP benefits booklet can be viewed online. Simply go to and click on ‘Group Benefits Coverage’. You will arrive at a web page that gives you the option of viewing health or dental claims, long term disability, and/or other benefits.  You will need to log in to access detailed information. The site also has downloadable claims forms which you can print off. Claims can also be submitted online.

If you need any additional information or clarification contact Erin Doupe, TBU Benefits Officer

A full copy of the Benefits contract can be viewed on OTIP's website. Log into the benefits section with your credentials. From the landing page select "My Claims" and a copy can be found under the top tabs.

How to Enrol in OTIP Benefits.

1.Go to

2. Click "Log in" on the top right corner of the page.

3. Select "Health and Dental" from the drop-down menu.

4. Enter your log in information (OTIP Identification Number can be found in your enrolment email).

5. Set-up your new password and security questions

6. Click "Next" to continue. You will be transferred automatically to My Benefits to start your enrolment.

7. Skip "Step 2: Select My Benefits" and go directly to "Step 3: Start your enrolment event."

8. Click "Start" under New Hire/Newly Eligible.
9. Click "Continue" when you see the Restart an event message.

10. Complete Steps A to F in the New Hire/Newly Eligible event

Making Changes to Who is Covered by your Benefits

Have you been living with a common law partner for six months? Recently gotten married or divorced?  Expanded your family?  Acquired more sections of contract?  Need to add a spouse to your benefits because they have had a change in employment? Etc.? If so, these count as a change in life event, and they need to be registered with OTIP within 31 days of happening.


To do this

1. Go to

2. Click "Log in" on the top right corner of the page.

3. Click "Go to My Benefits"

4. Click "Start" beside the applicable Events listed to make changes

What Happens if the 31-day Window to Register a Life Event is Missed?

If you do not apply for benefits for yourself or an eligible dependant during the 31-day window, you are considered to be ‘a late entrant'. This means that you will be required to complete an Application for Insurance and Evidence of Insurability, which determines proof of good health. Coverage may be denied for you and/or your dependant. If you have questions about qualifying life events, or how to make changes to your benefits coverage, please contact OTIP Benefits Services at 1‑866‑783‑6847.

Life Insurances Beneficiary Designation 

If you experience a significant life event that changes your circumstances and you do not update your life insurance beneficiary, your life insurance benefits may be paid to an unintended recipient in the event of your death.

beneficiary designation change form must be completed. Log into your OTIP account - select "My Benefits". Then "Enrol/Make Changes" followed by "Beneficiary Change Event". This needs to be completed, printed, signed by you, and mailed back to OTIP.

Additional resources available through our Benefit Plan

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