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TBU Dependent Care & 
TBU Pet Care
Reimbursement Forms

TBU Dependent Care / Pet Care Reimbursement


D18 OSSTF TBU members are eligible to receive a reimbursement of up to $15.00/hour or up to the Living Wage established for the community in which the member resides for any dependent care required to attend an approved OSSTF meeting on behalf of the TBU.  This includes all TBU Executive meetings, Council meetings, and Standing Committee meetings.


The maximum reimbursement for a day will be 10 hours, regardless of the number of dependents.  If overnight care is needed, up to $50.00 will be provided for overnight care.


Reimbursements will include immediate family members, excluding parents and guardians.


In order to receive this reimbursement this TBU Dependent Care Claim Form must be completed in full.


Please see By-Law 33 of the TBU Constitution for reference.

TBU Dependent Care Reimbursement Form

TBU Pet Care Reimbursement Form

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