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Sooner or later the time will arrive when you are going to retire.  Or perhaps you are a planner and would like to have your retirement options laid out well in advance.  If either of these scenarios sound like you, we would encourage you to attend a local retirement workshop hosted by OSSTF and the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan (OTPP).  These workshops can be very enlightening and will help you make a plan before you need the plan.  Keep a lookout for upcoming retirement workshops, which will be advertised via our TBU Bi-Weekly communication and through our Branch Presidents.

If you need more immediate information, you can always go online to the OTPP web site. There you will find your personal record of contributions, as well as a ‘pension calculator’ which you can use to calculate a wide number of different retirement scenarios. You will need to get a login first, but it is well worth the trouble.

You can use our Retirement Checklist to make sure you have everything ready for the big day.

OSSTF Pension Information Link

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP)

Instructions to Terminate OSSTF Long Term Disability Plan

Application for Coverage Termination OSSTF Provincial Long Term Disability Plan

Link to Retirement Letter Template PDF

Link to Retirement Letter Template Word

For Additional Retirement Information contact: Erin Doupe (TBU Benefits Officer) 

Click Image to View Roadmap to Retirement

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