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Teacher Exchange


Teacher Exchange Opportunity Program Instructions: (Article L12.17)

The purpose of this program is to allow teachers an opportunity to exchange schools and timetables with another teacher within UGDSB secondary schools, to experience different teaching methods and resources, and/or to work closer to home or in a different community. These exchanges are by the mutual agreement of the teachers and principals involved in the exchange.

Teachers wishing to apply for the Teacher Exchange Opportunity must:


  1. Complete the electronic SECONDARY TEACHER EXCHANGE OPPORTUNITY APPLICATION (Depending on which Web Browser you are using - you might have to log into ugcloud before selecting the link. ) no later than the fourth Friday in April. Instructions to access this form are attached to this memo (please see below). Please ensure you carefully review your entry before submitting as it is not possible to re-do/revise the form once submitted.The Human Resources Department will generate a list of names, schools, subject areas and preferences which will be e-mailed to teachers who have submitted their application by the deadline.

  2. You can then begin to contact teachers on the list to see if they would be willing to exchange with you. You must ensure that both you and the teacher you would be willing to exchange with are qualified for the subjects/areas that you would exchange.

  3. By June 14, you will be given a draft timetable at your home school. After this time, you can confirm with the other teacher that you are both in mutual agreement to exchange for the following school year.

  4. By June 21, you must complete the MUTUAL AGREEMENT TO TEACHER EXCHANGE OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM (available on UGShare - Human Resources - Forms), signed by both teachers and both principals. Return the completed, signed form to Mo Mitchell in Human Resources via e-mail. The final decision in the matter of the exchange will reside with the Executive Officer of Human Resources.

  5. Principals may need to change the timetable from what was originally available on June 21. If this occurs, the teachers will have the choice to return to their home school timetable or continue with the exchange.

  6. After the one year exchange, teachers will be returned to their home school for the following year unless both teachers and principals mutually agree that they would like to stay. If they wish to stay, they will indicate this to the UGDSB by March 15. The request will then be considered by the Secondary Staffing Committee.

To access the link on UGShare:

  1. Login using your windows login information – this is the same username and password that you would use to login to the school computers.

  2. (Note – if you are logged on to a Board computer, it should automatically authenticate your access to UGShare. You should only be prompted to log in to UGShare if you are using an off-site computer)

  3. From the left side-bar, click on:

  4. Board Departments -> Human Resources -> Forms -> Board Wide

  5. Click on the link “Secondary Contract Teachers – Application for Teacher Exchange”.

  6. You will then be routed to the UGCloud login page.

  7. Enter your windows login information – this is the same username and password that you would use to login to the school computers and UGShare.

  8. The electronic form will open when you click “Sign In.”

  9. Complete the online application form.

Consider the following:

When completing the online application form consider entering Additional Comments to clarify any specific requests.

For example: 'Currently teaching math, looking to teach science.'

Or, 'I would consider an exchange for one semester.' Etc.


At the end of each electronic application, there is a checkbox option to “send me a copy of my responses.” Please select this option to retain a copy for your records. The copy will be mailed to your UGCloud e-mail account.


Please ensure that you verify the information on your application prior to submitting.

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