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Your Collective Agreement

Increases in Time

Increase In Teaching Time Application Instructions:

(Article L12.03, L12.16)

Application for increased time shall be made in writing to the Senior Administrator in Human Resources by March 15.


A part-time teacher on the increase in time list shall have priority as a candidate for a position of increased time whenever such a position becomes available for which the part-time teacher is qualified.



Depending on which web browser you are using you may need to be logged into your UGCloud account before clicking on the above link.


Consider the following when completing your Increase in Teaching Time form:

"I am willing to increase my time to the following school(s) – check all that apply:"

Contract sections are often more available in the rural schools.

"I am willing to split my teaching time between two (2) sites"

If you select “No”, You will NOT be considered for an increase in time for semester 2 at a different site. (ie. Semester 1 at School A, Semester 2 at School B will NOT be possible.)

"I am willing to accept:"

If you select “a beginning of semester only”, You will NOT be considered for any openings mid semester.

"Additional Comments:"

Use this space to clarify any specific requests or additional information. Examples: I am willing to split my teaching time by semester only (sem. 1 at school A, sem. 2 at school B). Or, I would consider resigning some or all of my contract time at one school to increase my total FTE entitlement at another school. Etc.


Please ensure that you verify the information on your application prior to submitting.

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