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You are D18 TBU Upper Grand OSSTF/FEESO

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This Website is intended to provide you with convenient and current information about a variety of topics that may be of interest to you as a Member of OSSTF District 18 Upper Grand. #d18teachers


Your TBU Time Release Officers, Executive, Council, and Branch Representatives work with devotion and commitment on a daily basis to the serve the diverse needs and interests of our over 800 members in the Teachers' Bargaining Unit here in Upper Grand.  

To serve our members effectively we work with the support and expertise of a knowledgeable and experienced staff at OSSTF Provincial Office at 60 Mobile Drive in Toronto who provide assistance to local OSSTF representatives and our members directly as needed.

At any given time locally we may be negotiating your next collective agreement, protecting your existing rights under your current agreement, assisting with the administration of your benefits plan, helping to plan your maternity/parental leave, protecting the health and safety of our members or guiding members through the TPA process just to mention a few of our services and responsibilities.

Members can be assured that regardless of their issue, concern or question we will always be glad to support, assist, and advocate for them.

For now, enjoy what you do, and please take some time to learn what we do.  A great place to start is with the OSSTF/FEESO Union 101 Video that is embedded below.           

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