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TBU Committees & Workgroup Seeking Members-At-Large

The TBU is currently seeking Members-At-Large who are interested in serving on the following committees and/or workgroups.

Committee Opportunities:

As per By-law 5: Committees, Section D: The Standing Committees are:, the TBU is currently seeking members-at-large who are interested in serving on the following Standing Committees for the 2023/24 Federation year:

  • TBU Finance Committee (Committee Chairperson: TBU Treasurer Mason Reid)

  • TBU Parliamentary Committee (Committee Chairperson: TBU Parliamentary Chairperson Amy Reinders)

2023.05.08 Standing Committees Call By-Law 5
Download PDF • 221KB

As per By-law 5, appointments to these two committees are subject to the approval of the TBU Council.

Workgroup Opportunity:

As per MAC 1-2023 [see below] which was passed at the TBU AGM on May 3rd, 2023, the TBU is seeking members-at-large who are interested in serving on this workgroup for the 2023/24 Federation year.

MAC 1-2023

BIRT that a workgroup be established to examine the selection process (elected vs. appointed) and the balance of terms for the TBU Executive Officer positions, with a report to be made, and any related motions, to the 2024 TBU AGM. This workgroup will be comprised of up to 4 members, with at least 1 member of the workgroup serving as a current member of the TBU Executive

Members interested in any of the opportunities identified above are asked to send a letter of interest to TBU President Paul Rawlinson, with the suggested subject line of ‘Letter of Interest’ and the content of the letter identifying which opportunities the member is applying for.

Letters of interest must be received by Friday May 19th, 2023 at 4:30pm.

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