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OSSTF Service Pins Awarded to TBU Council Members with 4+ Years of Service

At the last D18 TBU Council meeting of the 2023/24 Federation Year held June 14th, TBU President Paul Rawlinson presented OSSTF/FEESO Service Pins to those current members of Council who have served 4 or more years as a member of Council and/or Branch Executive.

This new tradition for the TBU seeks to recognize those members that have taken on a leadership role within their Branch and/or the Bargaining Unit, acknowledging the time and dedication that these local leaders have provided within our federation.

Congratulations to all who received their service pin! For those that were unable to attend this Council meeting and have served 4+ years, TBU President Paul Rawlinson will be reaching out to you.

Recipients of OSSTF/FEEOS Services Pins for the 2023/24 Federation year included S. Schenk, N. Murray, R. Grimes, L. Mizczak, T. Mathewson, T. DeBrouwer, A. Wilson, P. Rawlinson, L. Beal, A. Reinders, M. Reid, E. Doupe and C. MacGillivary

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