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Enough is Enough! An Ontario Federation of Labour Campaign

In January the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) launched the 'Enough is Enough' campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to connect workers together and spur a grassroots movement to call on the Ford Government to take meaningful action to help the workers, not the developers, corporations and banks.

With strength in numbers, we have seen this Government make concessions to the public when the demand is there. We encourage all of our members to get involved by visiting, and to mark June 3rd in their calendars, as the campaign will culminate on that Saturday with a series of events and rallies across Ontario, with the largest planned to take place in Toronto (more details will be sent to members when made available)

This campaign calls for:

1. Real Wage Increases, including:

* raising the minimum wage to $20/hr

* repeal Bill 124

* double the ODSP

* restore paid sick days

* to make it easier to join a union

2. Keep Schools and Healthcare Public, including:

* stop the privatization of healthcare & properly staff it

* stop the short-changing of education

* eliminate user fees

* slash tuition fees at college and university

* ensure affordable and accessible child care

* treat public sector workers with dignity and respect

3. Affordable Groceries, Gas and Basic Goods, including:

* impose price caps on groceries, fuel and basic goods

* pass a Right to Food law that guarantees universal free school meals

* make sure every community has access to health and affordable groceries

* make transit free and accessible

4. Rent Control and Affordable Housing, including:

* pass real rent control and a Tenants' Bill of Rights and create commercial rent control for small businesses

* launch a province-wide public housing program that builds decent homes in every community and in a sustainable manner without threatening the environment or the Greenbelt

* cap mortgage payments as inflation rates rise

* stop evictions and foreclosures

* house those without housing instead of policing them

5. Make the Banks and Corporations Pay, including:

* tax the record profits of the banks and the corporations

* make the wealthiest 1% pay their fair share and restore tax rates for the highest earners

* end the tax breaks and tax loopholes for banks and corporations

* impose fines on banks and corporations that fail to pay unpaid tax

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