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TBU AGM: Call for Nominations & Constitutional Amendments

The TBU AGM is being held on Wednesday May 3rd, 2023 from 5-8pm with dinner available at 4:30pm at The Grandway Events Centre, located at the Grand River Raceway in Elora.

Members who are interested in attending as a voting delegate for their Branch are asked to speak to their Branch President. Members may also choose to attend the TBU AGM as a non-voting observer. If you wish to attend as a non-voting observer, please contact Parliamentary Officer Amy Reinders at

Call for Nominations:

The following elected positions are up for election in 2023:

TBU First Vice President

TBU Second Vice President

TBU Secretary

TBU Educational Services Officer

TBU Equity & Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression Officer

TBU AMPA Delegate (7 delegates to be elected, 1 alternate to be elected)

TBU District 18 AGM Delegate (15 to be elected)

In accordance with the TBU Constitution, members running for office must be nominated by two other members. Nominees must be available to attend the General Meeting to answer any question from those members in attendance.

Nominations must be received by the Nomination Committee Chairperson, Paul Rawlinson ( by Wednesday April 19th at 4:00pm.

Call for Constitution & By-Law Amendments:

Members proposing Constitution or By-Law amendments must submit motions to the Parliamentary Chairperson, Amy Reinders ( by Monday April 3rd at 4:00pm in order to be considered on-time.

Constitution amendments that are received after this date will be considered late and will require 9/10s vote for approval and By-Law amendments that are received after this date will be considered late and will require 3/4s vote for approval.

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