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OSSTF Endorses Local Teacher Candidate, Diane Ballantyne (W-HH), for Provincial Election.

Diane Ballantyne, a D18 OSSTF TBU member, was chosen to represent Wellington-Halton Hills for the NDP in the upcoming provincial election. Ballantyne has been a teacher at Centre Wellington District High School for more than 20 years and a Wellington County councilor (Ward 6) since 2018.

She was also the NDP candidate in the 2018 Provincial election, placing 2nd and earning almost 25% of the vote. Diane learned a lot from that campaign. She expressed that she is excited to do it again and wants to see change.

Ballantyne put her name in the ring because she believes “It is important for democracy and we can directly see how policy directly impacts peoples’ lives. When the province makes cuts, it can change people and their circumstances, Right now, people need someone to represent them who will fight for what they need”.

As a teacher, Diane can relate to the struggles teachers face every day as a result of Ford’s chronic underfunding of public services, including education.

When considering her platform, Ballantyne believes that “People should be able to reach their families’ needs however complex they may be. I will be a voice to protect and promote resources for public education”.

Diane states that “Education is one of the most important places for equity and social mobility improvements and the idea that it is being starved of resources is appalling. We need more services for the community that are a part of education such as Youth Mental Health Services”.

Ballantyne stands fiercely against the idea of the privatization of education as well as other public services. She believes it is essential that the next round of negotiations consist of free and fair collective bargaining.

She has an “optimistic and real desire for something better. We see the cracks and people should demand better. I will be a voice who will stand up for people”.

The 2022 Ontario election is scheduled for June 2.

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