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OSSTF endorses Guelph MPP and Green Party of Ontario leader, Mike Schreiner for Ontario election.

Mike Schreiner is the current MPP for the Guelph riding. He has been actively involved in the Green Party of Ontario (GPO) for almost 20 years, and he has been the leader of the GPO since 2009.

During the 2018 election, Mike won with 45% of the vote, nearly doubling his votes from the previous election, and becoming the first ever Green MPP in Ontario history. His election also meant that 4 parties were represented in the Legislature; the first time since the 1950s.

Mike and the GPO have a Safe Schools Plan to deal with the current pandemic related challenges. It includes better air quality, better data on student vaccination rates, better protection for students and staff and more testing and tracing. This plan also incudes reducing class size to 15 students to allow for more distancing, with a position keep classes smaller going forward, and put safety systems in place in schools to foster an environment free from violence, harassment, bullying and discrimination.

In addition, the GPO education platform includes better mental health services for students, call for an end to hybrid learning, and proposes implementing a provide-wide lunch program to address issues of food insecurity, household economic instability and eating disorders made worse by the pandemic. The GPO also calls for all standardized testing to be eliminated in Ontario.

Mike grew up on a farm, which gave him a passion for protecting people and the planet from a very young age. Mike also has a strong connection to higher education. He has a bachelor degree in business administration and history, and a master’s degree in history. His wife was a sociology progressor at the University of Toronto.

Mike’s platform for the GPO also include; Implement more programs to help homeowners with green retrofits to save energy, offer universal dental care and pharmacare, set a date to phase out internal combustion engines to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, introduce carbon pricing to discourage use of greenhouse gas-producing goods and services, with revenues returned to Ontarians as dividends, and focus health system more on illness prevention. He passed Ontario's first-ever Green law, which protects electric vehicle drivers, while introducing other bills to conserve drinking water, get big money out of politics, and remove routine sick notes

Mike stated "I am fighting for a livable future for my children, I am fighting to tackle climate change and address income inequality, social justice issues and improving our democracy"

OSSTF has officially endorsed Mike Schreiner for the Guelph riding. The 2022 Ontario election is scheduled for June 2.

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