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Is Your Family Expanding Or Considering Expanding?

Are you or your partner currently expecting a new loved one to join your family? Or are you considering welcoming an addition to your family in the future? If so, consider attending the TBU's upcoming Maternity/Parental workshop.

This workshop reviews important information regarding the process of applying for a leave, financial considerations, a review of applicable language from our Collective Agreement, how benefits and pension plan are impacted by this type of leave and how to apply for maternity and/or parental leave benefits with the government.

This workshop is taking place on Tuesday November 22nd, starting at 4:30pm. It will be held at the D18 Office in Elora (294 East Mill St.) in room 109. Light refreshments will be provided.

If interested in attending, please sign-up via the form on the D18 TBU website. Click on the 'Federation' tab and then select 'TBU Workshops' and fill out the applicable form to sign-up.

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