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Interested in getting involved with the TBU? Here are a few opportunities!

Looking for a way to get involved with your union and your Bargaining Unit? Here are a couple of great opportunities for interested members to consider!

The TBU is currently seeing applicants for the following roles within the Bargaining Unit:

Equity and Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression Officer (A TBU Executive Position)

The TBU is seeking applications for the position of Equity and Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression Officer. This appointment is for a 1 year term, ending June 30th, 2023.

Interested members should send a letter (e-mail) expressing their interest in this position and any relevant experience that may help them with this position to TBU President Paul Rawlinson at by Monday October 31st at 4:30pm.

All applicants will be invited to attend the TBU Executive Meeting scheduled for Wednesday November 2nd at 5pm, at the District office in Elora, to discuss their application and to ask any questions they may have of the Executive. Please see By-Law 29 of the TBU Constitution for more information regarding this position.

TBU Workgroup - Seeking 2 Members of the TBU Council and 2 Members-At-Large

As per motion MAC 1-2022, which was carried at the 2022 TBU Annual General Meeting held this past May, the TBU Executive has been directed to create a workgroup to investigate options of holding TBU elections by a vote of the entire membership. This workgroup will consist of 2 TBU Executive members, 2 TBU Council members, one of which is from a small school (CHSS, EDHS, NDSS, WHSS, B10) and 2 members-at-large. This workgroup plans to meet 4 times during the Federation year and will report back to the 2023 AGM in May with their findings and any relevant motions.

The TBU is currently seeking 2 members of the TBU Council (those members holding a TBU Executive position or a Branch President / Vice-President position) and 2 members-at-large (any member of the TBU) to serve on this workgroup. If you are interested, please send your expression of interest to TBU President Paul Rawlinson at by Wednesday November 2 at noon.

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