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District Executive Vacancies

To: Presidents and all Members

From: Teresa Katerberg, President District 18 OSSTF

Re: Applications for District Executive Officer Positions

The District Executive is seeking to fill 2 vacancies for the following positions for a 2-year term from November 2020 until June 30th, 2022:

District Educational Services Officer

District Health and Safety Officer-UGDSB

The duties and responsibilities for each of these positions are below and can also be found in the District Constitution on the District 18 website.

Interested Members are asked to send a maximum one-page letter of interest indicating their experiences or skills inside the Federation or beyond that would allow them to be active and contributing District Officers.

Applications should be submitted no later than 4:00 pm on October 30th, 2020 to the attention of Teresa Katerberg (, District President.

BY-LAW 9: District Educational Services

(A) The Chairperson shall:

(1) be a member of the DEC,

(2) represent the District on the Professional Development Advisory Committee and the Professional Development Day Planning Committee and act as the District’s rep. in dealing with other affiliates in PD matters, and

(3) call ES meetings on a regular basis.

(B) The ES Committee shall:

(1) assist Bargaining Unit ES officers in organizing PD activity,

(2) supervise the allocation of District PD monies and establish criteria for such requests,

(3) act as liaison with sources of funding outside the District,

(4) advise their respective bargaining unit members of their responsibilities to participate in approved professional activities on Professional Development Day, either in accordance with the PD Day calendar of workshops or with the consent of their respective bargaining unit executives at least three (3) weeks prior to PD Day, and

(5) consist of the Chairperson and one (1) representative from each Bargaining Unit.

BY-LAW 11: District Health and Safety Officer

There shall be two (2) Health and Safety Officers, one (1) from each employer.

(A) The Health and Safety Officer shall:

(1) be appointed by the District Executive Council,

(2) be a member of the DEC,

(3) monitor the Acts and Regulations concerning Health and Safety and their application to members of OSSTF,

(4) keep the DEC informed of all pertinent matters dealing with occupational health and safety in the schools, and

(5) ensure the fair and equitable implementation of the Acts and Regulations concerning health and safety as they pertain to members of OSSTF.

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