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Congratulations to Tim Card District 18 Award of Merit 2020 Winner

Tim Card, a teacher at John F. Ross CVI who retired in June, was announced as the winner of the 2020 District 18 Award of Merit at the postponed Virtual District Annual Meeting held last week. Congratulations to Tim on both his award and his recent retirement. Below is the nomination sent to the Awards Committee, written by a colleague.

"Tim Card’s dedication to excellence in the workplace is unparalleled. He has a personal rule that any work submitted by a student should be marked and returned to them the next day. One Friday after school, he said he couldn’t leave because he had collected 31 grade 9 poetry anthologies, and he was going to stay at the school until he had finished marking them all so that the students could get them back on Monday. I don’t know what time he got home that night, but he marked every student’s project and gave each meaningful feedback. And that would be a common occurrence in the life of Tim Card, the teacher - he is amazing.

Tim has taught our most vulnerable students, such as our grade nine reading tutor class, which helped prepare our at-risk students for grade 9 applied English, to our most academic population, such as our grade 12 accelerated class which prepares students for the AP English exams. He has also taught everything in between. This speaks to his amazing ability to adapt his lessons and his teaching approach to fit students’ needs, no matter their strengths. He is truly a master of his craft.

Tim eats lunch in his classroom every day, keeping his door open for students. He provides extra help for anyone who needs it, but also just provides a safe place for students to eat and work, even students who aren’t in his classes. Every Friday at lunch, year-round, Tim runs an AP English tutoring session to help those grade 12 students who are writing the College Board Advanced Placement exams. He provides students free copies of practice materials, times/supervises them writing practice exams, grades/provides feedback to them, and answers all of their questions and concerns about these globally acknowledged exams.

Throughout the years he has taught at Ross, Tim has created multiple school yearbooks as the staff advisor, assisted other teachers to run the yearbook course, supervised the school bowling team, supervised Royal Rhythm dance practices, helped the cricket team, assisted with the school library, taught courses from grade 9 through 12, taught e-learning English, supervised school dances, presented awards at Graduation ceremonies, been a department head, acted as a JFR and TBU delegate to AGMs, taken on the Ed Services Branch role, and through all of that, has managed to be a truly amazing friend and mentor to his colleagues."

The TBU thanks Tim for his years of dedication to his students and his support of the Federation. We wish him well as he starts a new chapter in his life.

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