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BIPOC TBU Members: We want to hear from you!

The District 18 OSSTF Anti-racism workgroup has created 2 questionnaires: one for Teachers/Occasional Teachers and one for support staff. The content of these questionnaires will engage with issues of racism and exclusion in the workplace. The goal of this workgroup is to:

  1. conduct local research into racism, specifically anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism, toward D18 members;

  2. explore ways in which District Executive Council (DEC) can better support and advocate for racialized D18 members;

  3. offer DEC advice on next steps for anti-racism work in the District. Information shared in this questionnaire will be used by the workgroup to inform next steps for our District leaders at the Annual General Meeting of District 18 in May 2021.

The workgroup would like to hear from BIPOC TBU Members about their experiences. An email was sent to members on the TBU email list on Feb 23 with a link to this survey. We encourage all TBU BIPOC Members to complete this survey and help the D18 Anti-racism workgroup complete its mandate.

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