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Appointment of Minister of Education: A statement from OSSTF/FEESO President Harvey Bischof

The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation congratulates Stephen Lecce on his appointment as Minister of Education.

We are, as always, open to establishing a meaningful dialogue with the new Minister of Education about what is best for students in Ontario. We hope he demonstrates a willingness to hear the perspectives and concerns of front-line educators, and to share important information such as the results of the class size consultation that was completed weeks ago. We also hope that Minister Lecce will be willing to cast narrow ideology aside in favour of evidence-based analysis. For example, the Conference Board of Canada report, The Economic Case for Investing in Education, released just yesterday, indicates the significant positive impacts investing in education can have for Ontario’s economy, as well as the negative economic impacts that can result when education suffers cuts.

As the new Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce has an opportunity to hit the reset button on the Ford government’s misguided approach to public education. We urge him to take advantage of that opportunity.

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