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Certification Rating Re-evaluation

The OSSTF Certification system has seen extensive revisions in the last several years (see “Recent Changes” on the OSSTF Certification webpage) and some members will find that these beneficial rule changes will allow for Group increases without any further course work. If you are not at the highest Group 4 level and have not had a re-evaluation of your existing file in recent years, you may be missing out on the opportunity for increased salary that will come with a rating change. This may be of particular interest to Technological Education teachers, given additional changes over the years through the Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act, 2009 and given changes to Red Seal Occupational Standards in Ontario. If you are not in Group 4, you are encouraged to send in Certification Application Form #2 and request a review of existing credentials if they believe any of the changes apply to them. Please click here for further information and how to apply for a re-evaluation of your certification.

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