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TBU Member appointed to Provincial OSSTF Committee

Mallory Tolcher has been named to the Provincial Committee to work with New Member Engagement. Here’s what Mallory has to say about her new role.

“My love for OSSTF came about when I received a contract position after 4 years of being an LTO. Only then did I truly discover the hard work put into this organization as well as the benefits and responsibilities that come with being a member. As I attend various meetings now, I notice that I am always the youngest person in the room. Being selected to be part of the New Member Advisory Work Group has provided me with a platform to discuss the current needs of our new members and where support might be lacking, in order to make sure new members are knowledgeable and engaged with the Federation early in their career. My personal goal is to facilitate strategies that close the gap of knowledge and understanding that occurs within the first few years of being a new, vulnerable teacher to the moment a teacher gains contract time and feels like they matter.”

Congratulations Mallory! We’re excited to have you working with us and for us!

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