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Dorothy Vreeswyk-Kidd named Music Director for Cambridge Concert Band

Dorothy Vreeswyk-Kidd, a music teacher at John F Ross, has decided after 20 years, to put down her trumpet and take up the baton. In March 2018 Dorothy won the position as Music Director for the Cambridge Concert Band. In existence since the late 1800’s, Dorothy is excited to be a part of such a long standing tradition. “I always tell my music students that learning an instrument is a skill that you can continue to use even after you graduate from High School. It can introduce you to a lifelong community of people who love music and want to share it.” Dorothy is also honored to work with such a diverse group of people who are committed to working together, making music and sharing it with the community. Being able to conduct a community group like the CCB ensures that musicians will have a place to play long after they have graduated.

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