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Message from OSSTF President Harvey Bischof

Good afternoon,

Today, Kathleen Wynne engaged in the kind of cheap political cynicism that has resulted in historic low approval ratings for her and her party. The Ontario Liberal Party held a press conference calling into question the propriety of the Ontario Cornerstone Leadership Corporation, an organization to which OSSTF/FEESO has made contributions in the past. While conceding there is no violation of any campaign contribution rules, the Liberals were content to make unfounded allegations that there is something improper in OSSTF/FEESO’s support of Cornerstone. As you will be aware, provincial OSSTF/FEESO had asked some districts to consider endorsement of certain Liberal candidates who were positioned to defend against a Progressive Conservative candidate being elected. Today, in the face of this unprecedented and unfounded attack by the Kathleen Wynne Liberals, the Provincial Executive has asked that any such endorsements be withdrawn. No Liberal candidate is deserving of our endorsement in these circumstances.

Harvey Bischof, President

Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation

Fédération des enseignantes-enseignants des écoles secondaires de l'Ontario

60 Mobile Drive | Toronto, Ontario | M4A 2P3

Phone: 416-751-8300 x 201 | Toll-Free: 1-800-267-7867

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